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Spardha is National Level Sports Festival organized by JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur. This is the 8th Edition of Spardha which is bringing lots of excitement and love for sports with it. At Spardha students from various colleges all across India participate to showcase their talent and passion for sports.

So come on! take a leap with us and get sporty to get the feel of invincible power of sports at Spardha'19 starting from 22nd February-24th February 2019!



Get a glimpse of glory and energy of last year's fest with this aftermovie. Embrace yourself and watch the highlights of the events that took place last season. From Basketball to Football; from Kabaddi to Vollyeball discover all the beautiful and glorious memories and fill your hearts with curiosity.

Hold tight and buckle up yourself for the most adventurous ride of Spardha! Stay tuned to our Youtube channel for more exciting videos and updates.